How well do you listen to your body?

Did you know that your body gives you an awareness of dysfunction by sending you signs? The “ouch” of pain serves you to take notice, much the same as the brain fog you feel whilst trying to concentrate at work may indicate to you that you are stressed, or perhaps just suffering from food intolerance. How “tuned in” are you to your body?  Are you aware of what it is telling you?  Do you take notice, and are you sure of the cause of the brain fog a skin rash or lack of sleep?  How long have you suffered?  Perhaps you have been that way for so long you are no longer aware of the problem because it is now your normal?


When your body gives you a sign, you have 2 choices. Ignore it and it will proceed, and the symptoms may continue for years.  Your body is designed to adapt to challenges and minor dysfunction, and with a strong mind we can put up with dysfunction over months and even years.  However there is only so much we can take before the symptoms turn into a chronic health condition.  By taking notice of the smaller symptoms and seeking the advice of qualified holistic health professional you empower your health.  Naturopaths piece the jigsaw of your symptoms together to find the underlying cause, meaning that you can take preventative action to support your body to adapt towards wellness and good health.


Take action to preserve the health you have.  Symptoms of pain, brittle hair, joint pains, sluggish mood, anxiety, skin rashes, digestive disturbances, fatigue, brain fog etc are not normal and are a sign of something greater.  To make matters more complex – what you are eating is likely to be contributing to this state.  If you feel that your body is suffering from any of these conditions, you could benefit from a naturopathic consultation and a Hair testing for 500 food and household items in order for us to help identify the contributing factors.  If you are interested in the hair test to detect what biocompatibility you have to common foods and household items, click the button below.