What are you talking about?  My life is not a soap opera… Or is it?  Rewind my life two years ago, I was working flat out as a Clinical Nurse in a busy hospital and it sure felt like one.  No, I am not referring to General Hospital, the soapie, although put a name of a town in front of that and well…. I digress.

What are my legs doing?
First, it was a ridiculous feeling that I could not describe in my legs as I tried desperately to fall asleep each night.  Sleep, that thing I needed most, evaded me!  I wasn’t in pain, but it could sort of be described like an ache, a tingling ache that felt better if I hit my thigh muscles hard.  I found myself hoping around my bedroom at night, hitting my thighs to get rid of this ‘ache’.  It seemed to be keeping me awake.

This DID bring drama to my life.  I couldn’t sleep!  Off I trotted to buy the local Magnesium spray that everyone swears by….

Wait, what?
Why does everyone need a spray for magnesium on their legs – especially at nighttime, and especially in women over 40?  How many of us were punching our legs at nighttime in an effort to find sleep?  Wait; is this a “THING?”, I wondered?

So, in desperation to understand if this indeed was a thing, I sought the advice of my GP.  “What is this that is going on?”, I asked as I explained my weird leg insomnia woes.  What she said next floored me completely.  “Women of your AGE, do complain to me about that from time to time…”

WHAT?  What did she mean “Women of my age…?”

I was 42, tired and in need of a magic wand.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing?  She followed this up with the good old “There’s nothing I can do about it I am afraid”.  GULP.

I left feeling somewhat defeated.  Peri-Menopausal?  Is that what she meant.  My ego hurt, my soul hurt and my pride hurt.  This couldn’t be happening.  This thing was just beginning, and she had no answers.

I quickly snapped myself out of it by reminding myself that I am actually a university qualified Naturopath and as well as that I hold a Masters Degree in Nursing.  Who needs answers such as “There is nothing I can do about it I am afraid”, I certainly didn’t.  There, my ego was all restored.  Now to work on my sleep, my legs and yes my hormones.   Oh and my expanding waist line, my adrenal fatigue, my grumpiness and did I mention sleep?

The words “Healer, heal thyself” kept on ringing through my mind, as I buried myself in self-empowerment mode.  I was desperate to return to my normal self without lumpy sore boobs, a growing waistline, hot flushes, grumpy, worn out before breakfast and moody.

Bring me balance I said.  Sleep, my old figure, my energy and my tolerance for all things.  Slowly but surely I regained my sense of self.  I can’t say that I have tolerance for all things ALL the time, but hey I am much improved from where I used to be, and the good news is that YOU CAN TOO.

I am excited to announce the release of my ebook “The Fabulous Female Forties: Navigating the peri-menopausal years”. Find out what you can do to help balance your hormones and take control of your well being through this time.