Luscious Locks

This is a SHINE from the INSIDE out program for those of you dedicated to doing the hard yards to let your hair be an indicator of your zest, vitality, clarity and resilience.

Do you:

  • Want to your hair to be an indicator of your inner health and happiness that you are proud of?
  • Want a clear mind full of productivity?
  • Want your hair to feel as resilient as your mind is?
  • Includes – detox appropriate to you, a lifestlye review, hair 500 item test.
  • Initial consultation plus 4 follow up consultations to ensure you reach your goal – note personal commitment is also required to guarantee outcomes


Please Note: this program is a 3 month journey.

  • Buy this package now at $650 and receive free personalised recipes to compliment to your 500-item hair test outcome and Bush Flower Essence reading.

Pay for this package with 3 ezedebit monthly installments of $232.00

Prescribed supplements are not included in the price of this package and will be prescribed on an individual basis.