Weight Loss to Vitality

A Three Month Journey

  • Feeling sluggish and slow?
  • Fatigue and aches?
  • Sick of going the next dress size up?
  • Want your old self back?
  • Want to feel energized
  • Want to live life to the full?
  • Or maybe you just want to be able to feel good in your own skin?


This is a weight loss to vitality program.

This program is based on a muscle gain approach to fat loss, and as always only works if you are committed to change – it is not a diet – it is a way of living for health – results improve if you are committed to move ~ exercise is your friend!

It includes an initial consultation, as well as 7 follow up visits to keep you on track.  The 500 items food and household item test will also be included.


Referral to personal trainer or local gym will be recommended to achieve optimal outcomes.

  • Includes 8 Body Composition Testing readings that show you the outcomes you have achieved to the 0.1 kg of fat, muscle and fluid you carry – this is achieved with the latest BioResonance Analysis technology available.
  • Valued at $882, buy this package now at $800 and receive free recipes that are personalised to your 500 item hair test requirements and monthly Bush Flower Essence remedies.

Supplements extra and are prescribed on an individual basis.

Not for pregnant or lactating women.