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Have you ever wanted a user manual for your specific body type?


Do you wish you knew what foods, sleeping patterns, and exercises your body really thrives on? What if I told you I could give you personalised health and lifestyle recommendations based on your genetics, in just an hour and a half?

It may sound like science fiction, but personalised health profiling is a tool I already love and use with my 1:1 naturopathy clients!



A personal health assessment tool that analyses your body measurements, health history, environment, ancestry, and genetic code to offer a complete lifestyle solution that best suits YOU.

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We all know that health, fitness, and nutrition are unique to each individual. It’s why your best friend can get up at 4am and smash out a HIIT class before work, but you’re lucky if you wake up at 8am feeling semi-okay.

If eating cabbage, kale, and broccoli has always made you feel bloated — guess what — it’s highly likely that your body doesn’t agree with cruciferous vegetables.

No longer do you have to try and maintain an image of health that doesn’t feel natural to you. We’re all different, and just as your genes are unique, so is the diet, fitness regime, and sleeping schedule that best suits you.

Imagine knowing exactly what and when to do things to make you the healthiest you’ve ever been. No more guessing or wasting money on things that just don’t work!

How does ph360 work?

By taking specific measurements that tell me about your body’s unique development and its current health status, I can provide you with health advice that is built for you. But health is not just about your genetics, it’s about so much more than that! Health is also about your epigenetics — the way that your environment and your genes interact.

Ph360 is the world’s first personalised health platform based on epigenetics. It uses 10,000 data points and 500 ratios to calculate your personal health code. The algorithm is backed by 100% evidence-based medical research over 15 years in multiple areas of science including anthropometry, neuroscience, endocrinology, molecular biology, embryology, chronobiology, and more!

In short, ph360 measures your genes and how they’re currently behaving in your environment, so I can provide you with highly personalised guidance on what to do to optimise your health and unlock your fullest potential.

With ph360 health profiling, I can give you targeted recommendations to help you feel your best.


Learn the best foods to eat for your body and when to eat them.


Understand the social interactions that will energise you and those that will drain you.


Uncover your unique zone of genius with the right breathing and mindfulness habits.


Find things that you’re naturally great at and learn how to optimise your skills and strengths.


Discover how to move your body in a way that feels good.


Learn strategies to reduce your genetic vulnerability to disease and illness.


Plan your week and vacations according to your body profile and circadian rhythm.


Become an expert and managing your stress at home and in the workplace.

What do my genes have to do with my environment?


You probably already know that your genes can affect your chances of having several common health concerns, like heart disease, asthma, obesity, or diabetes. But, something you may not have considered is the way your environment interacts with and affects your genetic vulnerability to disease.

As you go through life some of your genes are ‘turned on’, while others are ‘turned off’, so you could have a gene associated with a health concern but not be experiencing any symptoms. It’s been found that external influences such as diet, stress, climate, and exposure to things like cigarette smoke, heavy metals, or pesticides can change the way your genes are expressed.

With all of the information that ph360 provides, we can adjust your internal and external environment to optimise your genes and take a proactive approach to health.

When we can understand how unique you are and what is right for you, then we can move towards your goals and ideal state of health and happiness. We can give your body the exact environment it needs to thrive!


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Sleep schedule






Exercise & fitness








The future of health

If you’re tired of guessing and experimenting with your own body, then I’d love to help you discover the magnitude and power of personalised health via ph360.


You can have your personalised health profiling done at any point, with or without Naturopathic treatment. However, I love to do ph360 profiling at the start of your treatment process so I can learn more about you, and tailor your naturopathy treatment and lifestyle and nutrition prescription to your needs.

Ph360 offers valuable information we can use to address your health concerns, whether you’re struggling with fatigue, poor sleep, weight issues, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, or women’s health problems. It gives me a deeper understanding of your health status, so we can achieve more success with your progress and follow up appointments!

Ph360 is suitable for both adults and children and can be particularly useful for equipping parents with knowledge and resources to nurture kiddies with solid and healthy foundations.

Health doesn’t need to be confusing or overwhelming.

Let’s create the ultimate healing state for YOU!

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