Women’s Wellness Hub Subscription

The Women’s Wellness Hub is for you if you know something has to change, but you don’t know what, or how, or where to start. 

If you want to walk away with a change of lifestyle, stable moods, feeling like you’re more in control, clear-headed, focused, and less reactive…

If you want more energy, better quality sleep, motivation, and purpose ALL without yelling at your kids…

Then, this 6-week online program is for YOU! 

The Women’s Wellness Hub encompasses all of the basic knowledge I share with all of my clients.  If you’d like to combine this with ph360 you will have all the inside information you need to go on a journey that is 100% applicable to your unique phenotype. It’s an eye-opener!

What you’ll get: 

  • Module 1:  Coming Clean.
    Mindfully taking stock of all that is we set our commitment to our wellbeing one step at a time.
  • Module 2:  But first sleep.
    Learning to optimize sleep, because all else flows from here. A refreshing night here we come.
  • Module 3:  Eating for energy.
    Learn how to tackle your diet in the midst of fatigue, feeling flab and moody. To infinity and beyond!
  • Module 4:  Exercise – the myths and the must knows.
    How to tackle the exercise hurdle in the midst of fatigue.
  • Module 5:  Detox your life.
    Identifying common villains and red flag reactions.
  • Module 6:  Hormonal Health.
    Putting the pieces together to maintain the balance.

Sign up for the next round and get these awesome bonuses!

Bonus 1:  Free access to Naturopathic Yoga ™ online for 2 months
Bonus 2:  A free copy of my ebook “The Fabulous Female Forties”
Bonus 3:  As a member of The Women’s Wellness Hub you will also receive 10% off the price of my already discounted Naturopathic Consultation Packages

Total price = $528 (incl. GST) = 6 weekly payments of $88

$88 x 6 weeks

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